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What does Sugar Do?


Sugar paste is made of three organic ingredients: sugar, water + lime juice. The consistency of this paste allows the sugar artist to remove hair and exfoliate the skin without the harmful effects of wax.

Unlike wax, sugaring products are completely natural making them ideal for those with the most sensitive of skin. Additionally, there is no testing on animals or allergic reactions due to the purity of the ingredients.


  1. No burning: Sugar paste is applied at the body's natural temperature, so it's safe for all types of skin conditions. With sugar, you will never experience the burns that can occur with hot waxing
  2. Anti-Bacterial: Due to the high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot grow within the paste. Additionally, sugar is never reused and disposed of after each individual use
  3. Safer for the Skin: Due to to the fact that it is water soluble, sugar only sticks to dead skin cells. This means that sugar only extracts the hair, while exfoliating dead skin. Comparatively, wax can take off live skin cells, which makes it more painful and irritating than sugar. Again, this makes sugar safer for eczema + psoriasis
  4. Less Breakage: Due to the technique used during the sugaring process, the paste seeps below the mouth of the follicle, which lubricates the hair. This, in turn, makes extraction more gentle. Additionally, the hair is removed in the direction of the growth, which helps to keep the hair intact. This leads to 15-30% less hair breakage than waxing
  5. Less Growth: Sugaring techniques require less than 1/16 inch (4-7 days) of growth after shaving. By comparison, waxing requires at least 2 to 3 weeks post-shave before treatment can occur
  6. Permanency: Sugaring leads to permanency. The follicle itself begins to deplete because sugar artists can remove hair at such a short length (during the active growth phase), which is the optimal time for removal leading to permanent results.
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