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How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, the ionic footbath works on the principal of balancing the body’s pH level, bringing it back into a more alkaline or healthy pH where disease has less chance to breed. The electrical current that is emitted by the footbath neutralizes free radicals (toxins that can cause damage to the body cells).  It stimulates circulation and metabolism, which enhances the body’s own natural detoxification, releasing blockages of toxin buildup. 


The footbath is filled with soothing salt water (the salt acts as a conductor for the electrons to pass through the water) and then an array (mild electrical current) is placed in the water.  This array has 2 electrodes, one producing positive electrons and one producing negative – these electrons are called ions – hence the name, IONIC FOOT CLEANSE. Because the current is mild, most people feel nothing but some feel a little tingling sensation in you feet – this current is then transmitted into the body where it does its magic. You just sit back and relax for 30 minutes!


During the session you will see the water change colour – the most significant change will be that the water will appear dark brown or rusty” in colour on top of the water – this is merely oxidation in the water from the array. There will however, be other colours that will appear and that is the important part to read. Biologically, we know in urine chemistry, different acids and acid wastes that the body eliminates are what are actually colouring the water. Foot bath companies can now accurately document from the colour changes in the water what specific wastes are being released by the body through the thousands of pores in your feet, and what specific organs are being purified in the process. 


As the rusty particles begin to settle at the bottom, there will be a layer floating on the top of the water which will give you, by its colour, an indication of the organ which is dumping its toxins during that session – for example if the water has a slight green tinge to it, you have just helped purify your liver!

What Does the Treatment Entail?

Frequency of Treatment

So how often should you do an ionic foot cleanse?  Generally, health coaches advice treatment twice a week for 6 weeks will get the body at a good place of detoxification of its overload and then a maintenance of once per week is recommended thereafter

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