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My passion is body work and therapy.  Each client is a learning opportunity, a lesson, and a story in body work.
I am an intuitive massage therapist that specializes in deep tissue pain relief.  My gift has lead me to many different modalities
to constantly elevate my abilities, resulting in improved levels of health for any clients. By creating a comforting and relaxing
environment, I am able to treat each person for their specific needs and build a strong rapport that create long term relationships.


Raindrop Therapy (Including Emotional Release Through Oils)

  • Using Young Living trainings in the Raindrop therapy is a collection of specific oils applied on the spine

  • Can be used for pain relief, emotional relief, and boosting the immune system

Gua Sha
  • Gua Sha means to scrape for circulation

  • Its for breaking up the facial congestion throughout the entire body

Deep Tissue
  • Used for pain relief and to increase range of motion in the body
Cranial Sacral I & II
  • Is a subtle work of the body that can open the joints of the sacrum and the skull using very lite pressure

  • This will also release the facial connections within the whole system

Positional Release
  • Is holding the joint with added pressure for ligament release with NO PAIN
  • Subtle work with great results
Muscle & Joint Practical Movements
  • Taking the joint into movement of ease to release the movement of discomfort

Intro to Thai
  • Creating space in the body thru moment

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